Recipe Cards Set #4
Recipe Cards Set #4
Recipe Cards Set #4
Recipe Cards Set #4
Recipe Cards Set #4

Recipe Cards Set #4

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These original recipe cards are all handmade and would make for a perfect engagement or wedding gift! Each card is unique and they come in a set of 10 cards, and each comes with a plastic clear seal bag to protect it in the kitchen. Just add your recipe to the card and then remove the sticker guard and seal the bag so you never have to worry about damaging the card if something spills!

• Made on Watercolor paper
• Originals (these are not prints!)
• Each card is totally unique
• Protected in Archival Clear Bags (Unsealed so you can seal them after you fill them out!
• Tombow Pens for watercolor
• Stamped with Archival Waterproof Ink
• Fast shipping in rigid mailer to ensure that your art arrives safe and secure!

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