Pricing & Why it Matters

Pricing & Why it Matters

I made a major change to my shop and my pricing. I knew that I was undercharging for my art, but a close friend pointed out to me yesterday just how much and how they’d been able to sell paintings at 4x higher than what I was charging. I decided it’s time to stop undervaluing myself and my art. It’s time for change. 

So here’s the thing, under-pricing my art doesn’t just hurt me, it hurts other artists too. If I’m selling my art at a 4th of the price as someone else, it eventually cuts into their sales because some people will assume their art is overpriced when set next to mine. It also hurts me in the opposite way; people may think my art must be low quality because it’s so much cheaper - and I assure you, it’s not. I use high quality paints, canvas, etc to create the art I make and it’s time I stop being afraid to ask for more. It’s time for me to charge what I should be charging. 

So, all my original artwork prices have risen in my shop. Prints, bookmarks, etc, have all stayed the same. I still want to appeal to every budget, but now I’m finally charging what I should be and what I deserve. I’m sorry if that means originals are now out of your budget but I hope that you understand why it needed to happen.  

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me and supported the change. Thank you to all of you for following and supporting my dream. I love you all, and if you’d like to see the original story post, I’ve created a highlight on Instagram where you can view it. @TheArtistryStudio


**Featured listings available here and here**

Originally posted on Instagram @TheArtistryStudio on 3/20/19.

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