Hi there! I'm Kaylin and I'm the artist and owner of The Artistry Studio.

I'm a Wisconsin based artist making vivid, fantasy landscapes and sassy digital art. Made with excitement and ready to share with the whole family in mind!

Dive in and I'm sure you'll find a little bit of something for everyone...

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  • Loved it so much, I bought a second one!

    I bought this from Kaylin at a craft fair earlier this year and love it so much. Cherry blossoms are extremely special to me and I bought a second one to give to a friend for Christmas because we both love them. Thank you Kaylin!


    -Ashley, Cherry Blossom Sticker

  • Amazing Sticker Pack!

    Love love love these stickers! The sticker pack is an awesome way to get a few of my faves and save; love going through and picking which designs I want. Stickers are gorgeous -high quality and vibrant, very well made. Shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. So pleased with my purchase and definitely recommend The Artistry Studio to all!


    -Amanda, Sticker Pack

  • Lost in the Forest (Painting)

    I would love to be lost in THIS forest of delightful colors. The use of greens is particularly beautiful. Twinkling stars appear. I am so pleased to have this picture to add to my growing collection of Kaylin's work!


    -Kathy, 6x8 painting