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The Artistry Studio

Window Suncatcher Sticker | 3.3x4

Window Suncatcher Sticker | 3.3x4

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Transform light into an explosion of multiple hues. Simply apply your sticker to a window with direct sunlight and see pinwheels of vibrant color fanning your room or car. Delight in the colors splashing walls, ceilings and floors with rainbows.


  • These are made on transparent light-refractive adhesive window sticker material that filters sunlight to cast holographic rainbow prisms!
  • Note: The rainbows created will vary by many factors and you won't always see the same results in the same room. Weather, time of year, seasons, placement, direct sunlight, all play a factory when trying to get the best rainbows. Results can vary drastically with the same design and pattern.
  • Rainbow suncatcher stickers are intended for one time use on a window and can be removed. If there's any residue on the window, rubbing alcohol should easily remove it.
  • Note: removing a sticker can cause damage to the ink and should only be removed when the sticker is no longer wanted.
  • Original design by The Artistry Studio, Copyright 2023.

Measures 3.3" x4"

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