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Good Vibes | Zentangle Coloring Book

Good Vibes | Zentangle Coloring Book

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Looking for a fun way to relax and relieve stress or anxiety? This coloring book may be for you. Erase away your stress or anxiety with some coloring! Repetitive actions like coloring or drawing have been proven to help eliminate stress and allow your mind to wander and calm itself. Color in the pages any way you’d like and draw your own zen doodles on the simple pages sprinkled throughout the book!

Just because it says coloring book for adults doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy it too! The content of this book is completely PG - the designs will just be a bit more intricate than a standard kids coloring book. :)

  • 46 single-sided coloring pages
  • Soft-bound book - ships to your home, this is NOT a digital download.
  • Perfect for kids and adults - all content is kid friendly!

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